Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Samsung Omnia Qwerty count down...

Well, it's almost time.

Yesterday I phoned about the Samsung Omnia Pro that I ordered, apparently rebranded in the meantime to be called the Omnia Qwerty. Its estimated delivery date had already slipped two weeks earlier, so I just wanted to make sure. It turns out that by their information I should still have it delivered into my hands on friday.

Of course after I twittered about this I noticed that now "the world at large" seems to be watching me. Thanks @Chippie! ;-) All because the Netherlands seems to be one of the first countries in the world where the Qwerty is actually released.

Quite a number of people around the world are waiting about news about the Qwerty from actual users getting their grubby little paws on them and actually using them. If you're one of them, just keep watching Twitter and this blog and you'll definately get to know about my experience with the Qwerty (good or bad). I'm especially curious about the *#0*# feature that shows off the digital compass hardware.

<fingers crossed="true">I sure hope I won't be having teething problems with this one, like I seem to have had with my current Kaiser, because I (again!) have an early one off the assembly line...</fingers>


  1. Damn. Just got an email from that delivery of my Samsung Omnia Qwerty has been delayed again. This time ETA is thursdat the 10th of september. :-(

  2. Crap! Another week of thinking about it!

  3. do you think it'll finally come tomorrow?

  4. Have not seen any emails from yet. Usually these have come one or two days before any delays. So I'm still hoping to get it tomorrow, yes...

  5. Let's hope it'll come. I keep my fingers crossed! I myself wait until it'll show up here in Poland.