Thursday, September 10, 2009

A bit more patience

Even though I did not get an email this time notifying me of a later delivery date I noticed the estimated delivery date on is now the 12th of september. I just called customer support and they confirmed this: delivery on saturday or possibly even tuesday. Had them reset the address to my home address again and will continue waiting...


    Could have had it delivered tomorrow morning, but I won't be home for most of 9-to-1 window then. So, monday it is.

  2. gr8 to hear that! I'll drop on monday then so pls write whether *#0*# works.. it should since this is samsung universal code. Of course waiting for a kind review from you and some more info of how it works, foremost two things:

    - is there a keyboard backlight? maybe it's turnable somewhere? because on some of the movies it seems as if there isn't one :/

    - how laggy it is, on some movies you can se some kind of lag e.g. when changing screens


  3. You have me rather excited and jealous!


  5. seems like half of Europe tries to get some news of omnia pro :>

    I get Service Temporarily Unavailable constantly..

    could you write here answers to questions I asked? TIA