Monday, September 14, 2009

I have my Omnia Qwerty

It was delivered around 13:10 local time (very nice ETA, I'd say). However, at work I had no time to play with it, except insert the battery and SIM and plug it in to charge the battery.

Also, the PC at work BSOD'ed on me when locking it before going to lunch and apart from some meetings I've just been struggle with the bastard ever since. Lost my full XP profile (again, twice even!). So you understand why my mood could not be any fouler at the moment. I'm just going home now..

More phone information might be forthcoming tonight, but it could very well be tomorrow or even later this week. Will definately try the LCD test program that should show off the electronic compass as one of the first things, I think. In the meantime, questions in comments might get an answer.


  1. Great news.
    Is the OS in English or Dutch? Switchable?

    Ik kann niet so goed Nederlands mar ik wil een. Sofort! (Sorry for the German/Dutch/Engligh mix) ;-)

  2. I pick mine up at 1300 tomorrow!
    Looking forward to comparing notes with you!

  3. WM is never switchable, except by ROM flashing. This one is Dutch. Unfortunately. Even though this does not seem to be as awful so far as I had surmised.

  4. @chippy samsung made an innovative step here AFAIK you can choose among several languages

  5. Haven't seen such a language switch. Don't think it exists.

  6. peshir take a look here

    it was implemented in omnia II fw and I don't think they're that much different

    what about compass and keyboard backlight?

  7. Found language option, yes. Read twitter: clear white keyboard backlight and working compass like in YouTube movie (*#0*#).