Monday, July 18, 2011

MetalScroll for VS2010?

Anyone who, like myself, loved MetalScroll in VisualStudio, knows that with WPF VS2010 it doesn't work anymore. However, there is an alternative: go to Tools, Extension Manager right now and install the Productivity Power Tools for VisualStudio if you haven't already. The Enhanced Scrollbar that is included will probably do what you want.

Next to the Full Map Mode shown above, it has two other modes you can easily switch to using a context menu. There are also some options for the scrollbar that you'll find in the usual place: the ever expanding VS Options dialog.

I think I actually like the Scroll Bar Mode best, as it looks most like a normal scrollbar with usefull pixel pointers on it. Switching to Full Map Mode is always just a right click away when I really need it.


  1. Unfortunately, enhanced scrollbar in VS 2010 doesn't come close to Metalscroll. I disabled it after a few days because it would give me headaches from constant flickering when you move your cursor around the code. My gripes with it are:
    - Doesn't highlight a word on doubleclick, but immediately. This is dumb, and makes it useless mess of flickering highlights.
    - Doesn't display modified sections on the file with a different color on the left
    - Doesn't render every line

  2. seems to mimic MetalScroll really well.