Friday, September 9, 2011

"Hey, what's up with the daily tweet to @twitter @support...?"

My Twitter followers are bound to know I have some bones to pick with Twitter lately. For one, I really don't like the treacle like performance of #NewTwitter compared to #OldTwitter (even in Chrome, not just in IE8 and IE9). But this post is not about that.
Recently I have been starting to post (almost) daily tweets asking Twitter to support Mobypicture. As some people are bound to frown on this, I thought I'd write this blog post to explain why I do this, and when I plan to stop doing it.

My problem

Around the time I started these daily tweets, Twitter started rolling out their new "Recent Images" media gallery. This shows the most recent images a user tweeted (includes old style retweets, or course) on their profile and includes a link to a complete grid of such images.
While I think this is cool feature, I really did not like that only a couple of image publish websites are included in this view, like: TwitPic, PhotoBucket and yfrog, while the service that I use (the Dutch Mobypicture) is not included.
This means, that what Twitter calls "Recent Images by @peSHIr" on my profile, does not include any of my recent images, but only images by others that I happened to tweet a link to at one time. This is not what I want, obviously. I would like my Moby images to show up in this view. Or, if that is (currently) not possible, I want to disable the new image gallery so it does not show up on my profile.

So, ask the parties involved

To that end, I started tweeting my request. I also DM'ed Twitter Support and MobyPicture with more background information on my request. I have received a number of replies to this. For one thing, Moby replied they cannot help me put their images into the Twitter gallery (obviously).
Twitter seems to have misinterpreted my original request for "Moby support", and quite stoically referred me to the Moby support page. Nice one, Twitter; show us you care about your users... ;-) So I changed my daily request a bit, based on this responses.
Then, after more clarification by DM, I received the following DM response from Twitter:
You can turn off media here:
After asking around by DM some more, Twitter admitted this is not a response my question on how to disable the media gallery so it doesn't show up on my profile any more. Their eventual response to that (in two DMs) was this:
We appreciate your request and feedback and will share it with the rest of the team. Unfortunately the recent imaged gallery won't be removed from your profile unless you don't have any images posted in your Tweets. Sorry!

So, that's it?

So, in the meantime, even though I thanked Twitter support for they rather promptly responses, I feel screwed. Unless I go back and delete all tweets that include a supported image link in them, I'm "stuck" with the image gallery on my profile, a feature I would really like when it would include my Moby images. And I am not going to hunt down those tweets and delete them.
Also, even though as far as I can remember the inline media display in #NewTwitter at one time showed images posted on Mobypicture, with the (again originally 2 part DM) reply from Twitter support, it seems clear my Moby images are not expected to show up in my media gallery any time soon (or ever):
You're welcome. And again, as moby is not an official media partner of ours, we don't show their images in the details pane it's possible that we will consider a partnership in the future, but for now we are not affiliated. Thanks!

So, the world is stuck with my daily tweet

I feel I have no other course of action left, than continue my daily tweet asking for Mobypicture support in the current Twitter webinterface...
So, unless my images show up in my Twitter media gallery (or possibly until I get a way to turn it off so it does not show up on my profile any more) I will be repeating that daily tweet, reminding Twitter that I have not given up asking for this support.
If you use Mobypicture and Twitter as well, I want to ask you to do the same or RT my daily reminder. If enough people do so, it might be a reason for Twitter to start including these images.
Hopefully this blogpost clarifies the reason for that annoying daily tweet. And thank you for reading this far! ;-)

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