Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Annoyed by swamped App Hub

Yes, I really am.

I admit that a launch of the magnitude of Windows Phone 7 is no easy thing. And that I didn't really get active in WP7 application writing until the LG developer prototype device from Microsoft arrived two weeks ago. But still.

I have been wanting to publish at least one WP7 app to the marketplace for almost those two weeks now. Thanks to Microsoft NL (way to go, Matthijs!) I should have been white-listed for WP7 app publishing already, but so far this has not materialized. The App Hub forum seems awash with developers in a similar predicament. Without a real solution in sight.

The relevant forum threads all started mentioning the magical date of november the 3rd as a solution: by then everyone registered as a marketplace developer (no matter the platform) would be able to publish WP7 apps. Too bad no time (and timezone) was mentioned for this...

Because right now here in the Netherlands 10am on november the 3rd has come and gone, but I still cannot publish. Combining the 'timezone' and the 'no specific time mentioned' issues I'm waiting for tomorrow morning, roughly assuming after 11pm on the 3rd on LA time. However, I do not assume publishing will have commenced normally (=in force) by then...

I would definately not want to be on the WP7 App Hub team right now. Good luck the coming weeks, guys!

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  1. = access granted #yay :-D