Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My old (make that ancient) website is going down...

If you read this blog and generally follow me online or have been doing some time ago, chances are has come up on your screen at some time.

This is the website I started working on when I was at university. This was somewhere in 1996 I think, judging from the copyright message. I wrote an MS-DOS console application myself in some compilable BASIC dialect to create and maintain the site. This application, called JHS2HTML, would take *.jhs files and some general header/footer type information and create a an HTML file for each, in essence giving me the website to then go FTP somewhere. The tool had dynamic placemarkers for things like the current date or year, easy linking to other *.jhs files (creating mouseover links) and macros for things like the UPDATED images that were all in fashion at the time. Oh yes, this 'sophisticated CMS' included style sheets and master pages and all that. Sort of. <grin>

Let's face it, this website is old, outdated and frankly a bit (lot?) embarrassing even. But still, I never took it down or moved it and I'm still paying the ISP I had the time just so it remains. That, and because I'm a lazy administrator, and never actually canceled. This is now going to change.

I think I keep getting some job offer calls from the CV on the site. And there are also still things on there that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere on the web, like: the ghost website of RUN Flagazine, information on the HP82240B printer (although I think this is also mirrored in the HP48 FAQ) and my masters thesis.

So, after reading about HTTrack on POKE 53280,0 I am now dragging all the content down so I can stored it in my Jungledisk account somewhere so it isn't lost completely. And afterwards I will be taking my Demon account down. So expect my ancient website to soon vanish, at least from the current URL...

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