Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you like 'casts? I don't...

Please check out my comment on Stack Overflow on 'casts. Is the increasing number of 'casts based on people generally loving to consume information in that format? Or is it just that it's less hassle for the publisher to just hit "record", start yapping and dump the bits somewhere afterwards? Do you like the "personal broadcasting" way (or as I call it "lazy blogging" way) of supplying content on the interwebs like this? Or do you share my view on them and think it wastes your time, hampers you and makes the information content generally less available/useable? What do you think? (Originally posted in july of 2008, but I still think this way.)


  1. I have enjoyed listening to podcasts, but generally don't find the time.

    I agree with you, though, about making the information less accessible! I've waffled on about this topic in relation to video content - same sorts of problems!

  2. Podcasts are a nice addition to all the blogposts, especially when you have time during commutes to listen to them (or on the background while coding).

    Also, make no mistake in thinking that podcasts are easy to create! A lot of time and effort is going into creating a high quality show, I dare say way more than into a good quality blogpost.